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Dining | A Relative From Another Mother - Auntie Anne's in Festival Mall

Auntie Anne's for us is known to be a pretzel house.  Now when we visited, we saw these churros looking stix.  We got to try them out as they say its good together with their coffee.

Where are the pretzels?  Among the items spread out in the counter, I can only find two pretzels.  The rest looked like churros (they call them stix) and some twisted things similar to our local shakoy (they call them twists).  They have also Pretzel Nuggets, yes nuggets.  I don't know why still call them nuggets after seeing the other items given their own names.

Huh? what are these that I see?  Anyhoo, we did try some of them stix and found them to be nice, not great but nice.  My daughter got some stix with coffee.  She was full with the ramen we ate earlier and she wanted to chill out.  We settled with Auntie Annes as they were the only ones with lots of open tables in their Festival Mall branch.

Coffee wise, it was fine and the stix went well with it.  If you are just killing time, then staying here won't be a disappointment, in fact its recommendable.  There aren't much customers (maybe during our stay only) and its okay for chilling as if you own the place.

I'm no expert on pretzels, or churros or shakoy, nuggets, but I wasn't enticed to try their other stuff.  We stuck only with the stix.  Staff were very courteous though, they were patient enough to explain to us what goes into their products and what to expect from them.  After their lecture, I was still not encouraged to buy some more even if they told me how great their products were.  I am not their customer I guess.