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Dining | Another Cebu Lechon Among Us - Cebu's Best Boneless Lechon

Celebrating a graduation in the family meant splurging a little bit in dinner plans.  Since we like eating at home on moments like this, we decided to try out a new belly lechon place.  This time we bought from Cebu's Best Belly Lechon in Southwoods Mall.

We bought one kilo of their famous belly lechon for Php820 and this just enough to feed a family of 6.  Actually a kilo is just right for us, but for a reason, we did not finish this at one go.  Let me tell you why.

Unlike other belly lechon we tried, we were unlucky enough to have been served lots of fats.  We ordered ours for take away and it grew cold.  We had to re heat it at home prior to serving and it reeked oil during the process.

Tastewise, its still your regular lechon.  Nothing grand, just lechon.  I wish this has been otherwise as the fats seeped out during our reheating process.  Making the fats gooey and I just can't explain it, but it didn't jive well with the rice.  Dipping it in its vinegar sauce nor soy sauce made it all better.  Maybe we should have eaten this at the food court we bought it from.

Serving wise, the kilo was well, a kilo.  If you see my kids, they are the hungry eater types, no holds barred eating.  We are like a swarm of locusts in a buffet and we usually gouge down on a kilo of lechon in one seating.  As said earlier, we couldn't this time.

Pricewise, the Php820 was within the price range and is almost similar with their competition or in the industry.  So it wasn't expensive, not cheap for the lechon you are getting.  If want to hold mini parties, their belly lechon can be a good suggestion in pot lucks.

I was just sad to write this as we had a not so bad, not so good experience with their lechon.  As a disclaimer, time from purchase and dinner time was just one hour and this is the usual time frame we practice even when we are buying from their competition or any food review that we did at home.

It maybe our off night with their branch and maybe your experience will be much better than ours.  Send us an email and tell us more about it.

So as you know, aside from lechon, they do have other dishes available for their customers.

Check them more here at their facebook page.