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Dining | A Fastfood Dimsum Like No Other - DECS

DECS is a dimsum place that I only knew that popped up in SM Makati.  Located at the basement, I thought this was the usual dimsum type of joint, not until I saw their prices.

Averaging Php250 for a dozen, this is not your usual siomai house.  With these prices I tend to simply go past by them.  Seeing how big and inviting they are, I still held my ground and did not buy their products.  

In recent days however I was always invited to the Ayala Mall and this was on my way whenever I was on my home.  So this curiosity in me grew each time that I do pass by them, day by day.  And this day was different,  I was in the old Greenbelt when they had a kiosk there.  Usually I don't look at these tables but this time they called out to me.

One of the people behind these tables coaxed me to buy some and I still held out my stand.  I still felt them to be pricey so much that I wouldn't want to buy them.  But his tactic was effective enough that even when I was in my meeting, the images of those delicious dimsum stuck in my mind, taunting me no end.

To make the long story short, on my way home, I finally stopped by DECS and bought a box costing Php250.  Instead of sampling just one dimsum, I asked if I can mix them up in the box and yes they can do that.

I ordered the Sharksfin, the Pork and Chicken Siomai.  Tucked in a box, they smelled great.  Even when I was in the bus, I can't help but take short whiffs of those dimsums.  Boy they really smell great.  When I finally arrived home, my kids eyes lit up.  Seeing how big these things are, its enough just to eat one and maybe, just maybe your hunger is dead at its tracks.

Let me discuss the price point in the end and look at the other factors for this dimsum.  Serving wise,  the dimsums are huge, much bigger than your average ones you see.  Eat two of these and I was satisfied.  The siomai I brought home was filled so much with fillings that I was happy with it.

Tastewise, it didn't disappoint either.  Each one had a distinct and different taste from each other and this was surprising for me.  Most dimsums I have tried usually taste the same even with different fillings.  It must have been the wrapper I reckon but DECS dimsums were an exception.

The sharksfins were great.  Its a step up from the ones I regularly buy from a famous dimsum chain.  The pork siomai had a sweet taste in them, and the chicken really stood out in my mouth.  It was hard already not to smell them in the bus much more harder not to get one and one and one and another once you open them at home.

Serving wise is okay, taste wise they are great, now price wise?  It is really pricey though, but everything else makes up for the price point.  You will feel the premium taste of these dimsums and you feel everything is all right.  Splurging Php250 on occasion for dimsum is a journey to a great dining experience for me and I know this will have the same experience for you too.

For more about them, visit their facebook page here.