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Film Review | A Sequel That Feels Like Not a Sequel - Blade Runner 2049

During Holy Week, our family is not into long holiday vacations, instead we just stay indoors and "bond" of sorts.  For our "me" times, we still do things on our own way.  Mine was spent on movie marathons.  First up was Blade Runner 2049. 

This writer is no millennial so I would be lying if I didn't watch the first film "Blade Runner" starred by Harrison Ford in the lead role.  It was an awesome film, so much awesome it gained a cult following.  Imagine a future world where androids lived among humans.  The future is dark and tech savvy that this story line was great enough to be highly recognized on its own merit.  Gaining high accolades, it would be difficult to make a sequel to this cult classic.

For this sequel to work, it should at least equal or surpass this movie.  It should seamlessly blend with the original which was made 35 years before.  What a mean feat it would be if it all does that.

In Blade Runner 2049, the lead K (played by Ryan Gosling), yes K as in K the agent in Men in Black of which there is no relation to the film, runs after early model androids and decommissions them.  He is an android or humanoid himself so it is like he is killing his own kind.  In one of his missions, he comes across a secret that will lead him up to Deckard (Harrison Ford).  This ties the first film with this one.

Not to spoil the movie, all we can say herein is that the sequel held up its own against  the prejudices of it being one.  Kudos to Denis Villenueve, the director for spinning a great story that is akin to the original yet could stand on its own feet.  A very difficult feat to accomplish.

Ryan Gosling must be a dancer in La La Land, here we swayed us with his seriousness and his character entwines with that of Ana De Armas' "Joy", we can see a side love story in the works here.

Harrison Ford retains his role here as "deckard" a "blade runner" who is in hiding.  He may join the film near the end, but he ties up this movie with the first one.  His acting here is impeccable and only him can do the role.  His performance here outshines Gosling's so truly a movie to watch out for if you are a Harrison Ford fan like me.

Story wise, this sequel may have ties into the original, I commend the writers for concocting an entirely new movie.  If you are into movie marathons, make sure to include this one on your list.