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Social Responsibility | The Dumagats of Rizal

The Dumagats are the indigenous people of Rizal. We usually know of such people in Zambales and some far flung areas.  Little did we know that we have them as well left in an area just around Metro Manila.  We envision them men in their g strings and women in their cloths but these images are of no more.

The Dumagats have finally embraced the new culture among them.  Inter marriages among them with the urbanites have started already.  They wore modern clothes and have accepted technology, cellular phones as well for communication.  Although this maybe so, some of them still retained their old traditions.  Some of them still lived in the mountains unreachable by other modern utilities like electricity and water, they still retained their old language.

This writer was only afforded the chance to talk to them at the Barangay of Calawis, the edge of which is the jumpoff point to their place of Paglitao.  A place where most of their tradition still flourishes.  That's a three hour walk from the barangay.

As narrated by their representative, the place of Paglitao still needs help in terms of health, education and other stuff.  Some of them may have embraced the modern times and lived in Calawis, but they are appealing for help for their brethren in Pagtilao.

We would like to reach them and maybe would bring a little of bit of help for them.  If you are keen on joining us or interested in sending help to them, drop us an email at