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About Camarines Norte | Street Dance Competition at the Bantayog 2018

Camarines Norte is celebrating its 98th year of their Bantayog Festival.  The festival that celebrates Jose Rizal's heroism is what they focus on.  For this year 2018, they decided to hold it for more than a month in celebrations.  

A lot of events has happened and as the culmination of Bantayog 2018, they held the colorful and exciting Street Dance Competition.  Each group represents the municipalities the comprise Camarines Norte.  This year is also special as for 2018, we welcome the return of Capalonga in the competition.

The town of Sta. Elena eventually won the competition with Capalonga coming in second.

Overall, this truly is the main point of the celebrations and we can't wait again to check out the competition till next year.