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Tech | The Oppo Promo Experience

On our way home from an event, we saw a launch of an Oppo smartphone.  Usually we would have passed this without any thought but this time around, I had a friend working the booth.  So we stayed a bit and played along.

First up is to create an instagram post.  We were guided into a booth that offered props for us to use.  Took a snap then uploaded in Instagram.  Next up is coloring a wall and expressing the artist in you.  Last up is another snap with the Oppo logo.  When done you are treated to a sweet cup of candies.

It was fun while it lasted and it was more fun if you have a lovely daughter who are into fun like yourself.  It was a nice father-daughter bonding moment.  I may not have won in the raffle, but the time doing the steps was well worth as a prize for me.

Good job Oppo.