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Dining | Fuel Burgers - SM Makati Supermarket

Underneath SM Makati lies a treasure trove of food and groceries.  Along its walls are hole in the wall kitchens that offer a variety of food choices and Fuel Burgers is one of them.

The name is similar to a burger restaurant in the United Arab Emirates and their burgers are exceptional.  Looking at the artwork and feel of this restaurant in SM Makati, this one is no way related to the former.  So instead of sizing up their burgers, I chose to order their pork chop called Tony's Pork Chop Rice for Php120.  Don't ask me who is Tony.  I forgot to ask them who is Tony.

Now back to the pork chop.  I walked up to the counter and ordered and paid.  The meal is then prepared and it took about 5-10 minutes to be prepared.  It took a while maybe 1) I was there 130pm and maybe no pork chop has been thawed yet 2) they just had a very busy lunch routine and they were tired already 3) some of their staff went on lunch break.

After all those options as reasons,  the staff left to attend to my order was courteous and nice.  A bit haggard I can tell, but still courteous and with wide smiles.  I can surmise they are still reeling in from a busy lunch service and they might be resting or slowing down a bit.  Lots of tables were still not cleaned and used plates abound.  I'm not sure if they should be the one's to clean them or maybe it's someone else's job but for sure, it was difficult for me to find a clean table.  I had to pick up used plates and some trash to be able to seat myself.  

Now serving size.  The pork chop was not as big as the Dipping Dumplings I had weeks back but this was fine for me.  It wasn't thin, it was just right for me.  Rice was also ample for an average diner, but wasn't for me.  I'm like a velociraptor on rice so go figure.  Yes my figure is round.  Now for Php120, aside from your rice and porkchop, you get a fried egg and get this, a glass of ice tea.  Wow ice tea for free.  So serving size wise, its okay for an average hungry makati person.

Taste wise.  Upon biting into the pork chop, easily you will notice that is marinated.  The marinade was great if you ask me.  What made for disappointment is the addition of the catsup on top of it.  I felt that chef or whoever concocted this dish was not confident that the marinade itself will be a winner.  The catsup in my case, I scraped off my chop and used it instead on my fried egg.  The egg was not great, not bad either.  It tasted like it was made by me in my kitchen, bland. LOL.  Here you need that catsup.

Price wise.  For Php120 is it worth it?  I guess adding a bit more rice or making it a double egg can make the price bearable.  Or make the chop a bit thicker (I can dream right?) that will sweeten the deal.  The only consolation I get for the price is that it includes already a glass of ice tea.  

Now my agenda is go back and try their burgers.  And, and, and find out who is Tony.

To know more about them, check them out in their Facebook page here.

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