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Dining | Nostalgia in Luk Yuen - SM Megamall

Time does fly and we again went nostalgic when we ate at Luk Yuen in SM Megamall.  I can remember when I was a  young newly wed and together with my wife, we used to eat here eons ago.  We even brought our kids, who were young then to this place as well.  So when I was looking for lunch in this side of town, I had to feel the urge of eating here again, even though my better half is half the world away.

The place has been spruced up many times over, yet the table arrangements remain the same.  Staff come and go yet the service is still the same.  Prices then were lower, now its more expensive, with no hope of lowering back to our newly wed days. LOL

What we noticed here also that the dishes have changed as well.  We hope for the better so it this writer went ahead and ordered the Pork Bento for Php295.  The prices have doubled since my dating days with my wife so lets see how it went this time around.

Serving wise.  For Php295 you get chinese fried rice.  Its more yellowy in color now and you get a cup of it.  Then you get the usual cantonese vegetable noodles, the crispy pork chop strips, a vegetable dumpling shrimp and two snowballs.  And you get an iced tea as well.  Pretty worth the price if you ask me.  I would know as I even took home the pork chop strips.

Price wise, Php295 is a bit more on the expensive side for me.  What's acceptable for me as a budget meal is Php200.  But considering what you are getting, the price is worth it.

Tastewise, the dumpling was succulent and tasty.  Although I don't get that shrimpy taste, the vegetables therein was sweet.  The pork chop breading was flavorful, but I had some misgivings with the meat.  Its so thin and had a simple taste of being a fried dish.  The flavor I guess was with the breading and not into the meat.  The noodles unfortunately was more oily than what I preferred.  It was so greasy for my taste.  It was yummy and tasty though its just the greasy feeling that I can't get off my mind.  To compensate for that greasy thought, the 2 snowballs were sweet and great.  It had a sweet and great tasting filling.  I was glad with this bento, they are giving two pieces.  A worthy consolation from the noodles.  The iced tea was frothy and typically chinese, although I feel is nestea but prepared nicely I may add.

Service wise, they are fast.  Simply raise your hand, a staff will come right away and attend to your needs.  They are knowledgeable about the dishes when asked, and they smile all time.  Still the same service they provided me years and years ago.

Overall, I tried to be nostalgic however only the ambiance took me there.  The food has changed so much that I can't relate to it with my younger years.  The food was of present times and I had to contend with it.  I just hope that the future would be different.  From what we experienced in taste today, they will change it for the better.

For more about them, you may visit their facebook page herein.

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