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Dining | What Makes Dining Twice In Mamita's a Great Option in a Town Called Mercedes

Last time we were here, in Mamita's in the exciting town of Mercedes, Camarines Norte, we had burgers.  Nice tasting burgers.  This time, in relation to the Bantayog 2018, we had a feast.  And this is how it went.

The restaurant we knew then was just a smal quiet restaurant along the main street, but now, it had a second floor.  As they say you can't hold off on a great restaurant.  This one truly improved a lot.  The food choice were expanded as well as we noticed during this visit.  It was a delight having a great lunch on their second floor.  

Most of that floor had a roof but you can eat al fresco as a big tree covers a portion of their veranda, offering a great shade for their diners.  We were served breaded pork, chop suey and a batch of delicious tahong.  Mercedes is known for seafoods so I went for the fresh tahong.

For dessert they had these brownies, I think they were, and the coffee jelly.  Both of which capped our wonderful lunch nicely.  

Now if you are visiting Mercedes for the island hopping (Siete Pecados), we suggest that you do dropby Mamitas.  They are just in front of their municipal hall and you won't miss this restaurant.

If you have questions, contact the owner through here.