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Film Review | Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson in the Grid Iron Gang

This film was shown in 2006 and why would I review it?  The film is so inspiring that's why. 

Aside from war movies, I am leaning on films about sports especially if its nicely done.  I've liked Coach Carter and Remember the Titans.  This movie by the Rock comes along the same lines with the mentioned two films.

Now down to basics.  This movie is based on a true story of Sean Porter.  He works at a youth detention center in Los Angeles.  When criminals or offenders are below the age when they are bound for jails, a detention center is allocated for them.  This movie is about juvenile delinquents, of their struggles and their achievements.  Their journey lead by Sean Porter is an inspiring  story.  

Brought to life with Dwayne "the rock" Johnson as Sean Porter, the character in itself is him.  He looked great in the role as the leader of the Mustangs, the team he created at the youth detention.  He uses football to mold the young minds of its delinquents, hoping teamwork will mend their wayward ways.

Mend their ways they did.  Although not 100% of the team went straight in the end, success rate was higher definitely if they just let the youth on their own.  Thus the football program was continued still as evidenced by the last part part of the film.

Overall, the true to life movie is a showcase of one man's vision of changing youths, of its struggles and of his success.  In the end, its the youth who triumph in the film.  A must watch and is available on Netflix.

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