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About Town | First Palawan International Film Festival & Media Arts Expo

Nothing beats watching epic movies on a beach! 😇
That's what we experienced for 4 days in Long Beach! 😇
(Photo po Sir Rod Acuzar, JustGoPilipinas)

We are now part of history for being able to witness the 1st Palawan International Film Festival & Media Arts Expo held last April 27 to May 1 at the Philippines’ longest white sand beach in the country, Long Beach, San Vicente Palawan. 😇

We're so lucky to have a photo with the very talented but very humble Direk Ga! He even told us that we won as the Couple with the Best Costume! Yay! We will definitely go back there and prepare a better ensemble! ^_^

It all started with Director Dante Nico Garcia's dream of staying in Palawan at age 40. He made that dream come true! In an interview, he told us that he's very grateful to be able to spend his life in the majestic Palawan paradise! However, he still misses the film industry. The serenity of the ocean waves allowed him to think of this brilliant idea: Instead of returning to the National Capital Region to watch films, he brought the International Film Festival in Palawan so that other film-enthusiasts would be able to feel the unbeatable experience of watching movies by the beach.

According to Direk Ga, there's no red carpet here, but we have the best green grass carpet!
And these are our lazy boy couches by the beach.

Before watching the featured films of PIFF, Direk Ga shared that spectators were able to witness the best movie of all time in the whole universe; The Sunset Directed by our Creator!
God blessed all our nights there with the shining bright light of the smiling full moon.
This band delighted everyone in the festival with their epic performance.

While watching, you may also order food from the nearby GaStationPH.

Most of the participants, and even the directors, lived in tents just a few meters away from the beach for 4 days. And what amazed us is that the toilets have bidets and tissue papers!

This is Direk Ga, welcoming everyone who attended on the first the of the festival. His beloved staff from different countries were intently listening to him.

Some of us stayed in Farm Belle just a few blocks away from GaStation. We enjoyed walking from Farm Belle to the venue because of colorful scenes like this! Flowers are in full bloom, coconuts are falling from trees, and mangoes are ready to be hand-picked! Another winning film directed by God!
Ms. LJ Javier (4th from the left) and Ms. Anchovy Bulinaw (3rd from the right), led the volunteers' team! Kudos to your efficiency! I'm also so delighted to have new blogger friends here like Sir Rodrigo Acuzar, Sir Saul De Jesus and Sir Leo Mendiola. (Photo from Sir Leo Kevin Mendiola)

Direk Ga mentioned that one of the reasons why this is an International Film Festival is because of the staff from different countries like Switzerland, Germany and USA.

This was our welcome meal on the 1st day!

And this was the Boodle Fight on the first night! We were surprised at how big the mussels were! And it's surprisingly sweet! Really a fresh catch!
Directors' Guild of the Philippines, Inc. President Mr. Mike Sandejas generously showcased two of his movies including the award-winning Indie film "Tulad ng Dati." The other film entitled "Dinig Sana Kita" featuring her daughter, Zoe Sandejas, in the lead role is my favorite. My fiance and I truly enjoyed watching this romantic movie.

Director Jun Sabayton was also there to share his expertise and help Direk Ga in the historical 1st PIFF. 
To give you an idea of the other films that we watched there, here are the thirteen short film entries that made it to the Palawan International Film Festival 2018 from the PIFF Facebook Page.

The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development awarded P50,000 for the short film Siyudad sa Bulawan (City of Gold) directed by Jarrel Mahinay Serencio. The youngest director representative, Mr. AJ Amar, received the handcrafted trophy by Mr. Nuno Finez 
On the last day of the event, April 30, we were fortunate to be able to watch Direk Ga's multi-awarded film, Ploning. It was exactly 10 years after its first showing in all SM Cinemas. Through this film, Direk Ga hopes to inspire more future filmmakers to make their dreams come true by making world-class films showcasing the beauty of the Philippines.

Congratulations to Director Ga Dante Nico Garcia, Ms. LJ Javier, and their efficient local & international staff for the very successful event! Thanks to Anchovy Bulinaw, Ms. Janaya Andao and Ms. Anne Barros for all the assistance and support. 😇 So excited for #PIFF2019 😇 #LongBeach 😇 #PIFFmax #GaStationPH #VitaminSea #Palawan

Palawan International Film Festival media friends in Inaladelan Island Resort. A million thanks to Sir Evo Joel Contrivida for organizing all the media tours and accommodations, and to Ms. Trixy Hara Mahinay Orbeta for leading our island-hopping escapade in San Vicente.
Photo from Mr. Rod Acuzar's Facebook Page, JustGoPilipinas. Photographer: Mr. AJ Amar

For more updates about the International Film Festival, follow them on Facebook or Instagram! Hope to see you all on April 27 - May 1, 2019 for #PIFFmax2019 !