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Music | Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour 2018 in Manila

This writer is a music lover although not a super fan of one singer or band but we simply can't pass up a Bruno Mars concert.  We tout him as the next Michael Jackson sans the makeup.  A great singer and songwriter, who can do a mean guitar solo, a suave dancer and with a killer smile, that's who he is. If his songs were great on youtube or mp3, then attending a live rendition would be kewl.... or a blast even.

Yes, his tickets sold out, all 24,000 of it, in a matter of minutes.  Multiply the number by 2 as his concert was extended to two days.  Those are a lot of tickets.  Tickets worth of watching a showman perform on stage.  That's how Bruno Mars was accepted by the Filipino fans.

He fired off the stage with Finesse amidst screaming fans, me included.  I became a fan immediately.  His presence on stage was electrifying.  I was already nodding and swaying to his tunes in the car, I was surprised I was rocking at this concert.  Who wouldn't be? 

To add to the fine music and stage presence, the set design didn't want to be outdone.  His concert was lit up with lots of lights, huge screens, explosions and fire.  Yes fire.  fire on stage truly fired up the crowd in the process.

He followed up with Treasure and Perm which brought the house down first time.  Then he went slower with Calling My Lovelies, Chunky, That's What I like.  People still swaying all around.  Versace On The Floor brought out the camera phones' lights adding to a more drama atmosphere then he kicked it into high gear with Marry You and Runaway Baby that brought the house down for the second time.

For some reason, he followed it up with sentimental song in When I Was Your Man then went high gear with Locked Out Of Heaven.  He ended the evening with Just The Way You Are.... but not just yet.  He had a smashing encore in Uptown Funk.  People knew this was his last song so all jumped up and made the best of it. The last song was so hot that firemen were let on stage to quell the fire.  Yes fire..... all part of the drama, don't worry about the fire....

Bruno Mars is truly spectacular and the experience was something one would cherish for a long time.  Since Manila is not the usual stop for any world concert tour, we appreciate his stopping by and delighting his fans to no end.

With his talent and young age, definitely he will be churning out a new album in the near future, hits again for sure.  Then we hope he will come back again to Manila.  Thanks Bruno Mars for the great show, till we meet again.