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Travel PH | Caringo Island in Mercedes Camarines Norte

We have been to the town of Mercedes before and we thought we have already went to all the islands they have to offer.  We were wrong.  There were still a lot of them that we haven't visited and one of these is Caringo Island.

Its an island thats pretty much inhabited already.  A large community can be found here complete with a small church and a public school.  This island also offers safe swimming for tourists and a few cabanas are available for use as well.

For this trip, our host guided us to this spot for our lunch.  We used one of the cabanas or cottage to stage our lunch prior to going to another attraction hiding on this island.  That attraction is the oldest house in their town that is still standing and habitable.  They call it the Ibasco Old house.

The house isn't your bahay na bato from the spanish era but its during the American colonization I presume.  The house has an eerie feeling even when we went here after lunch.  I am a believer or stranger things (?) yet I got goosebumps going in.

Along its walls you will be astonished by the number of old pictures adorning its walls.  It showcases the family of the owners of said house and the lifestyle of the time when the house was built.  Since it was on an island, it was easily spared from the second world war.

The owners were said to be not staying in the house anymore yet they open the same to visitors like us to get a feel of the bygone era that the house offers.

May I again mention the great food served to us during our visit and we would like to make mention of our appreciation.