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Travel Ph | Calaguas Paradise in Calaguas Vinzons Camarines Norte

We shall admit that this trip wasn't our first time going to Calaguas.  We love the place so much that when given the chance to come back, there were not second thoughts.  Simply take off your shoes, put on your trusty slippers, then load your stuff unto the boat.  TAKE ME TO CALAGUAS!!!!

Now on our trip back, we were billeted at the Calaguas Paradise Resort.  A redundant name since Calaguas already is Paradise.  Heavenly.

Now this resort is fantabulous.  Aside from the usual accommodations which may turn off a budget traveler, they also offer open cabanas and camping solutions.  Yehey, shout out to us budget conscious people!!!!

We had our chance to talk to the owners as well and they are such lovely people.  Gracious staff made our stay warm and inviting, having the owners do this as well was one short of excellence in our travel experience.

On this resort, one can cook in your huts or cabanas or if cooking is not in your aresenal of skills, simply order food from their kitchen.  Their cook can whip up a storm for you.  Since Calaguas is very far from the mainland, make sure to make arrangement with them first hand. 

Now stores.  they don't have one in the resort.  Walk off a few meters along the beach and you will find one 7-11.  Not the true convenience store chain but a sari sari store.  We call it 7-11 as the products that cost Php7 in the mainland would cost Php11 here in Calaguas. (Thanks to Sir Kajo for this joke).

For more information on Calaguas Paradise Resort, hook them up by calling them or at their facebook page herein.

How to reach Calaguas
From Manila, Take a bus from Cubao Terminals of DLTB or SuperLines going to Daet Camarines Norte.  Fare should cost Php520-650 (depending which type of bus you take)  Travel time via bus is 8 hours maximum. 

Now from Daet, one will take a jeep to Vinzons, travel time will take an hour (fare we can't guess as of this writing).  Then from Vinzons port, one will take a boat to Calaguas.  Usual Fare is Php500 one way but since you will be staying in this resort one can make special arrangements.    Boat ride is two hours one way to Calaguas.

Travel tips.  Take the First class or lazy boy buses from Cubao.  They leave usually 9pm and 10pm and arrive in Daet 5am.  We suggest buying tickets days before your planned trip as these buses easily are sold out.

Another travel tip.  Use Vinzons as your jump off point to Calaguas as this is the town that covers for the island.  Vinzons with their well oiled and trained tourism office can handle all your needs and I guarantee you safe passage and comfortable vacation as well.