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Dining | Asian Flavors in Let's Chow

We found another new restaurant that open in Makati. Its called Let's Chow Rice and Noodle House.  At first glance you might think its a chinese restaurant.  I had that impression when I saw their sign.  I was so wrong.

This restaurant has much to offer as soon as I found out.  Not only they were serving Chinese, they also have Korean and Japanese.  Its not a food court, its a one stop shop restaurant offering these cuisines at cost effective prices.  Mind that I didn't use cheap or expensive prices.  They are within the budget of most working class and are they worth the price?  Lets find out.

Going up the counter, I was deluged with a huge overhead menu board, lots of signages, and some more menu cards.  The selection is mind boggling as they have a lot of dishes to choose from.  Since I thought they might have Chinese as their main cuisine, I chose to go for their Pork Asado Topping.  Costing Php129.

Its a combo meal that aside from the topping, you get a hot house tea and a complimentary soup.  The tea is just the ordinary ones you get from other Chinese restaurants and the soup was the same.  Although the shop in itself is self service, since there were not much people in the store, one of their busboys acted out as servers, which was a nice touch to it.

Now service wise, I can't complain.  The counter was fast in getting my order.  Although she might be efficient in doing so, we still have created a queue in both in front and behind me.  I came in around 5pm so its early dinner and people were slowly filling up and they only had one counter open.   Just a minor suggestion that will help them in future service to their customers.

Now while waiting for my order, their bus boy or server gave me my utensils, the soup and the hot tea.  Now when its my number had been called, I approached the kitchen and one of their staff came up to me and helped me carry my order to my table.  I felt he shouldn't but he did anyway.  Great service there.  Or maybe there was not much people dining so he can spare a few minutes helping me.

Now taste wise, the pork asado sauce was superb.  I almost spoke Chinese when I tasted it.  The only thing that prevented me is when I had a bite of that pork.  It was dry and a bit tough.  I was surprised it turned out that way.  I had high hopes for this since I like the sauce so much.  Oh well, you sometimes win and sometimes you don't.

Serving wise, for the price, I was surprised how it all came together.  I thought there was more of rice than the pork but gladly it didn't disappoint.  The bowl is just right in size and it's filled with food.  Much to my delight.

Now finally the price.  Was it worth it?  For Php129 it was.  I am looking at it the point of a regular diner.  For a good price sometimes we regular diners forego the taste and quality so just so to fill one's stomach.  If the price was a bit higher, I would exact more from them but for this review, we would accept it as what it is.  As long as the sauce tastes great, it can mask the dry meat, the good serving of hot rice under it will make one full, then the price is just great.

For more about them, visit their facebook presence here.

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