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Dining | Country Style in the Urban City

Like always, we do try to spend our dining experience with a new restaurant that's good for an average consumer.  Nothing fancy, not that expensive and is located within a mall.  This time we were stuck in Mall of Asia and we wondered what is there to eat this time around.

He we found Country Style.  Its a cafe of sorts and I have seen them inside the building where I last worked.  Seldom I eat here as they don't have a decent meal for me here.  What I mean is, lunch is mostly donuts and sandwiches which is not lunch for me.  I don't drink coffee so definitely I would not be in here.  This time I ordered juice to go along with my sandwich - a Tuna Cheese Sandwich.

My meal costs Php79 and I got a fruit juice and a sandwich.  Now how will I start my review.  Its difficult to write something that you don't feel good about the subject.  Oh well, lets start with the serving size.

For the price, I was expecting my sandwich to be something special.  I shouldn't have let my high hopes up as they served me a sandwich that got thin as they ran it under a grill.  I understand the sandwich will be squished but having seen what was served, I was shocked how thin it was.  At home I always use three pieces of bread as my sandwich and this one threw me off.  For Php79 I expected more.  So serving wise versus the price?  Not my idea of a good time.

Oh maybe, what lacked in serving size, the flavor will compensate.  Since I had a negative feeling about the size, the taste should be double in satisfaction.  Sadly it was tasty yes, but the tuna was too thinly spread inside that hardly I tasted the tuna much less the cheese.  Where's the tuna and cheese I may ask?  Just a sliver of taste I got but not enough to tide my frustration over.

I suspect that the Php79 price tag was for my juice.  The juice tasted like instant and powdered so it must not be the juice that costs a lot.  I really don't understand the price tag.  Last guess for me is that I'm paying for the place.  Its in a mall so that costs a lot of rent money.  Their dining area is not that huge so I presume diners are limited.  They have to recoup their investment somehow.  But they do have take outs so I hope they do sell a lot to keep this branch open.

Now unto service, they have only 2 staffs manning this joint.  They smiled which was nice, but when I requested for water, it took some time for it to be served.  Small space, not much dining space, not much customers dining in, I went in mid afternoon, it got me wondering why.

The only consolation I got from this place is the fact that at Php79, I got to stay in their shop (the aircon wasn't that chilly, its more hot than chilly) for very much less for a cup of coffee in a popular coffee joint with initials SB.

The sandwich was a let down and maybe the other menu items are great.  As of this writing I can't decide if I will be going back to this place to try the others.  Lets see when I do go back to Mall of Asia and maybe, just maybe I will muster the courage to eat here again.