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Dining | DS Cafe a New Look on Healthy Lifestyle

Eating healthy in a mall?  During my healthy lifestyle days, what I did then was buy wheat bread and other ingredients in the supermarket and that serves my lunch.  Its much faster doing this rather than scouring the mall of a healthy serving.  When you are in Megamall, there was one before offering vegetables only but their menu choices can get stale after a few days eating with them.

Lucky for you now, we found an alternative for you that will fit your healthy lifestyle.  Diana Stalder is an advocate for healthy lifestyle and one might think they are your usual spa, skin clinic type of an establishment.  What welcomed us when we entered is a slew of delectable dishes that looked like your usual menu from within the mall.  What will surprise you with these dishes is that, they are prepared with a healthy lifestyle in mind. 

When we were told that these were meticulously prepared, and they were "healthy" immediately this writer though it will not be as "tasty" as the unhealthy ones.  We need to have a taste test.

Lo and behold we were surprised even more.  The taste was equal to that of the others.  What a new find for the health conscious individual. Caloric counts low, all natural, no preservatives or unnecessary inorganic ingredients, and tastes great too, this is a wonder by itself.  The owners pride themselves of their dishes as being prepared fresh and prepared the day they were served.

Now their juices are freshly squeezed with no sweeteners added.  Their only caveat is that, being fresh and organic, they have to be consumed within 24 hours from the time they were gathered.  That's freshness for you to savor and enjoy.

On the subject of menu varieties, we were assured that they are rotating the dishes with a lot of choices.  Even eating here daily will not stale your taste buds they say.  Every day is a new dish they mentioned.  

Aside from lunch and dinner food choices, they offer also a mean carrot cake that's low in calories as well.  Indulging in your favorite cakes must be guiltless when you eat here at DS Cafe.

Price wise, it will be a little bit higher than your usual unhealthy fare, however it is not that expensive that you might have imagined.  Here we had another surprise when the owners told us of their prices.  Their price point are equal only to your favorite seattle based cafe for cakes and their coffee is slightly less.  For food items, you are like eating only at a slightly fancy restaurant.  Not that will break your bank, yet still will keep you healthy.  That's Diana Stalder for you.  Their very own DS Cafe.

They are located at the 5th floor of Building A of the SM Megamall in Mandaluyong.  For more of their DS Cafe or their skin care services, you may send them a message in Facebook at or