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Dining | Salad Bar our Nth Visit

We tried again, to eat here at Salad Bar and we chose to dine in during their busiest time of the day, lunch.  As we loved how they served their ingredients fresh, we know that most people would love them the way we do.  True enough there were a lot of people during lunch and a queue had already formed.  Mostly their customers were Makati business yuppies who are cosmopolitan and those with healthy lifestyles.

When asked why they patronize Salad Bar, they simply said, fresh ingredients at right prices.  Another thing to consider is the fact that there are no other kiosk in the area that affords the customer to choose which ingredients they want in their food or salad.  As we also noticed, there was no other store that offers this option like Salad Bar.

Pricewise, they are selling the salads by weight and spending Php30 per 100 grams is an affordable treat within a mall.  Most people I saw were spending a Php100 average on dine in purchases.  If you were like me, I am a voracious eater so I would stack the fruits and vegetables in an orderly fashion and whoala....  I could easily reach near a kilo of these things.  My largest purchase in a container was Php285.  If you are into diet, you won't buy these like I do.  

Staff is always cheerful and smiling so your dining experience. If you run out of the ingredients you like on the trays, simply call their attention, if they do have stock at hand, they will refill them for you fast.

The pictures herein is located at the Glorietta 4 Food Choices branch, now if you are working in Makati Business District, you can find their other branches at the food courts of Zuellig, Robinson Summit, and GT Tower Buildings.