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Dining | Super Super Bowl of China - Mall of Asia

First off, we like the idea of giving free crackers in this restaurant.  Nothing beats at you chomping down the noisy crackling of prawn crackers while you wait for your food to be served.  You will have this wonderful experience here at Super Bowl of China.

For our review, we visited their branch in the Mall of Asia.  I still had some time to kill in between appointments and suddenly I had this urged to eat noodles.  Was walking around Mall of Asia looking for either japanese or chinese noodles when my feet dragged me this.  Its been a year or more since I ate here so I was pleased to try them and possibly do a food review.

Since this was my early dinner meal, I was still still expecting a heavier meal later, I decided to order their solo noodles worth Php160.  It has already the noodles, and the prawn crackers and the iced tea. Wow.

Now price wise Php160 isn't what you can budget, as there are other shops who offer far more less than this.  Even so, the amount itself isn't that expensive either, so its situated between I'll lose some money in my wallet, yet I will be getting a good meal feeling.

Serving wise, the prawn crackers are unlimited before, but this time I wasn't sure if it is still is.  Hit me up a reply if you ask them at  To continue, the bowl in itself for the crackers are already in a good size so you will be treated to a good number of it.  You don't want to be too much filled until your real order arrives.

The noodles are placed in a large bowl and for an average person, it would be too much of a serving.  One may share it with another should the big bowl intimidate you into submission.  Next time when you go in here, bring me to allay your fears.  The bowl is huge, very good Super Bowl of China.

Tastewise,  what can I say?  I love their noodles here I kid you not.  Noodles were thin and soft and absorbed a bit of the broth which was heavenly by the way.  Not that kind you only taste soy sauce, but theirs is truly top noth in my books.  

On matters of service.  I'm glad that they have uniformity in procedures in customer handling.  I was greeted promptly at the door, asked me if I was part of a group or eating solo.  Guided to my seat right away and almost immediately the server dropped in and gave me the menu.  Took my order and repeated my order in a confident tone.  Wow, I was already having a fine dining experience, with no food served just yet.

Total bill was Php160.33 and I felt this was a good price for the amount and quality of food serve.  I can't put a bill on their service but all I know I was getting a whole lot of it for less price.

For more about Super Bowl of China, simply hook them up here in their facebook presence.

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