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Dining | Trying to be Japanese in SumoSam Greenbelt 3

Usually Japanese ramen are expensive in a good way so this time around we sampled finally Sumo Sam and found one in Greenbelt 3.  Actually we weren't keen on this branch as this had an eerie feel inside the store.  It was smoky and the interior lights we felt did not illuminate the place the right way.  The light casted a yellowish tint that this writer felt a little bit off.

It was a friday night when we dined and a lot of the restaurants were full and this SumoSam was the only one half filled with people.  So did we have a choice? No.  But nevertheless we tried our best to review this place objectively.

Price wise, most of their ramen costs Php400-500 and their bowls are normal in size.  This writer ordered the Tempura Ramen which costs Php428.  It had 2 pieces of tempura, drenched in a soup that's tasty but not leap bounding great.  The tempura got soggy and I felt that the dish was delivered late.  Presentation wise, I don't think it looks anywhere the Php428 price tag.  It looked sloppy and unappealing.

Tastewise, it was a let down.  For the price, most japanese shops would offer 24hour or 28 hour boiled pork/chicken or beef bones.  Their broth somehow doesn't taste quite like it.  I'm no ramen connoisseur but I have tasted a fair share of authentic ramen broths around Manila and this one does not equal to them.  I don't know how they do it but for sure I didn't like it.  Good thing I was hungry and this was the only reason I was able to finish my meal.

Service was deplorable, although staff were always smiling, our orders took a little bit more time to be served.  There were not much people during this dinner of ours, yet it took time and we noticed that even if we ordered first than the table beside us, theirs were delivered first.  How funny and annoying at the same time.

Serving size was huge, thank god for this, and this is the only thing that is worth the Php428.  Its gain is also its loss as I had a hard time finishing my tasteless ramen.  Soggy ramen and tempura isn't my idea of a good meal.

If we do go back to this branch, maybe I'll stay away from their ramen and order their other dishes.  That is if we do go back.

For more about them, please visit their facebook page here.

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