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Dining | We Really Can't Get Enough of Hakata Ikkousha

Since this Ramen restaurant opened, we can't get enough of their servings.  Hakata Ikkousha is located in Festival Mall, Alabang and is at their new wing near Landmark.

This time around for our third visit, we had time to talk to the owner and explain to us the methodology of Hakata Ikkousha.  It all boils down to the broth.  Their broth method came from a place in Japan, Hakata, giving its name.  The broth came from the boiled bones of pork, and they have done so for more than 24 hours.  Breaking down the collagen from the bones, liquifying them, creating a broth that's white in color and produces bubbles.  If you are used to soy sauce ramen or the instant broth type, then smelling the aroma of collagen will be a new experience for you.

As for this writer, this broth produces smiles on my face.  I can't stop smiling and for this reason, they added Ikkousha in the name.  Ikkousha literally means "A Happy Place" in Japanese.  For them it maybe Hakata in Japan is a happy place, but for me, having that ramen with that glorious broth, takes me to a "happy place".

Another thing that I learned when ordering ramen here is the way you can customize it according to your preference.  You can choose how salty it would be, how soft or hard your noodles would you expect them to be, and what other ingredients you want to add more of into your ramen.  Adding this feature to your already heavenly broth is beyond my normal understanding.

Price wise the ramen costs an average of Php400 yet for the process that it went through, and with the type of ingredients used for it, I can say this is quite okay.  The quality of the broth and pork alone is enough for me and the price is equal to other ramen shops who espouses japanese authentic cuisine.  We demand an equal quality for the price and they delivered.

Serving wise, the bowl is huge.  Others might have the same sized bowl, but the caveat is that underneath, there's a bump that lessens the area of the insides.  For Hakata Ikkousha, what you see is what you get.  The bowl is huge.  I got to say that again.  If you don't eat that much, I suggest sharing it with someone like me.  I won't mind, truly.

Service likewise is fast.  Japanese food actually is fast to serve.  I know this as I know who to cook them as well.  For the japanese, the key to a good dish is in the preparation.  Preparation takes time and you can do this prior.  What you don't see is the boiling of the broth 24 hours prior.  The Chasu were prepared beforehand.  The broth is kept hot during store hours and upon order, noodles are dipped in hot water for a few seconds, placed on a plate, add broth, chasu, green onions, and the soft ramen eggs.  So service is of no problem.

As of now, their main dish is ramen.  They have other stuff like the karaage or friend chicken which tasted heavenly as well.  Nicely cooked, not much breading, you can still taste the soft chicken.  Their gyoza are to die for as well.  Just advising you, the gyoza in Hakata are served small so don't expect them to be as big as you get them from other japanese restaurants.  Don't fret, though they maybe small, they aren't short in flavor.  Just get 2 orders for yourself if you love gyozas.

Enough of this writing, I am starting to drool over their ramen again.  Till I write about them again.

If you like to get hold of them, hook them up at their facebook page herein.

Hakata Ikkousha is a world wide brand and has almost a hundred branches in major cities world wide.