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About Town | Partnership Boosts "River Sisters"

The "River Sisters" is basically the partnership between the Pasig River Rehabilitation (PRRC) and the Los Angeles Country Board of Public Works (LACBPW). This partnership has been revitalized last July 18, 2018. The forge between them is one of PRRC's efforts to rehabilitate our Pasig River.

PRRC Executive Director Jose Antonio E. Goitia said there is a need to reinvigorate the “Sister River” partnership to help in their effort of rehabilitating the Pasig River.

Commissioner Joel F. Jacinto from Los Angeles Department of Public Works came to the Philippines to learn about the Pasig River Master Plan and to see esteros developed by the PRRC.

“Commissioner Jacinto can help Mayor Abigail Binay-Campos and I fast-track the rehabilitation of waterways in Makati,” added Goitia.
They will also visit the Poblacion Linear Park and Guadalupe Nuevo creek in Makati City. The Pasig Ferry Station in Guadalupe will also be visited by them and a tour of the Pasig River, from Guadalupe to Plaza Mexico in Manila will follow.

After the ceremony at the PRRC office, officials from the Commission and LACBPW are scheduled to visit some of Metro Manila’s rivers and linear parks.
They will have a walkthrough at Ermitanyo Creek and San Juan River in San Juan City and Maytunas creek in Mandaluyong City.
The signing of the agreement marked the start of a multifaceted exchange between communities surrounding the Los Angeles and Pasig Rivers, that face similar problems.

In 2016, “Sister River” partnership was forged between PRRC and the LACBPW in Los Angeles to support the PRRC’s efforts to rehabilitate Pasig River.