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Dining | Another Visit Made to Inihaw King - Daang Hari

Filipinos has a penchant for inihaw or grilled foods.  That's why we have lechon manok, lechon liempo, chicken inihaw, grilled bangus and other stuff.  It is for this reason we think that Inihaw King wants to capitalize on this.

We have already written about Inihaw King before and we would like to note our second return to this promising brand.

Now this branch is not easy to reach as it is along Daang Hari going to Cavite from Alabang.  If you live in Cavite, and if you have a car, then Inihaw King here is convenient for you.  We all know that Daang Hari is a short cut to Cavite thus a lot of people pass through here.  From Alabang all the way to Evia part, its easy driving.  Once you're near Vista Mall, then the pile up starts.  You will take some time to pass through it and you might want to have your early dinner.  Inihaw King is right up this alley for you.

Eating dinner is a best way to pass the traffic away or simply buy your dinner here for you family at home.

The usual grilled foods are here like Chicken and Pork stuff and wait there's more!  They also have other dishes aside from grilled.  They have lechon Kawali for starters, for beef, they offer Bulalo, kare kare and kaldereta as well.  Vegetables are also in the mix so its a complete package for you here in Inihaw King.

It was late afternoon when we went here and it was a sunday.  Traffic was looming in the area but we still managed to buy take out.  There we not much people (maybe because it was a sunday), so there was ample parking and not much customers (to our delight).  We ordered the liempo and lechon manok right away.  We wanted to taste the pork binagoongan so that was next in our order.  It was my daughters birthday so we splurged a little bit.  Total bill was Php1,000.

Service was fast for an order so large and the staff was delighted to serve us.  

Serving wise, lechon manok was your typical size.  Nothing fancy there. Lechon Liempo, we ordered two was likewise the same.  Pork binagoongan was a let down for us (maybe the container was big) as it didn't fill much of the container.  These were the only things we ordered.

Pricewise, it was just right.  It wasn't expensive nor cheap.  So I guess buying here is okay.

What stands out for this branch is its location.  It's right smack along Daang Hari.  It's where the traffic usually starts so one will be enamored to maybe park and eat here. Unlike in some parts of Daang Hari that one will drive fast past the stores along the way.  This one will surely hit your spot.

For more information about them, visit their facebook presence here.