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Dining | Everything Sweet with Cara Mia Cakes and Gelato - Festival Mall

When it was time to celebrate a love one's birthday, one will think of buying cakes.  We usually buy them from popular bakeshops and for this time, we tried something new. We got an ice cream cake.

At first glance, Cara Mia's frontage showed a gelato bar when we passed by it on our way to our celebration venue.  When we were beside them, we noticed they have cakes!!!!  We were on our way to a Japanese dinner and we would like to have a cake to cap off our celebration.  We confirmed with the restaurant if they were willing to allow us to bring in this delicious cake, so we went back to Cara Mia and bought one.

Once we bought one, we were treated to an extra service.  They are willing to write something as a greeting on the cake we bought.  We were elated they were willing to do so for free.  We knew our celebrant would appreciate a cake decorated with a greeting and he did.

So the service with Cara Mia staff was fast.  Working on the greeting was done in jiffy and put on a box and we were on our way.  Staff was smiling always and talked to customers with a cheerful tone.  It would be hard not to buy from them after chatting with them about their gelato and cakes.

Now serving size, our cake was able to feed 10 people.  We even had some leftovers for the Japanese restaurant servers.  Hope you could have seen their faces when we told them we were leaving them some ice cream cake.  We loved the cake and so do them.  We went back to the ramen shop and they told us how tasty the cake was.

Price wise it's not that cheap.  They cost more than your usual cakes.  For one these are ice cream cakes, not your usual cakes.  Second they are a bit more exotic and fancy.  These things will make the price higher.  They maybe so but they are worth the price.  We know as we got a great dining experience with their cakes.  

For their store in Festival Mall in Alabang, they have a dining area so when you want to splurge on sweetness, you may buy gelato in cups or buy a slice of their yummy ice cream cake.  Sharing the same with a friend or love one, one will forget about time and have a great dining experience.

For more information on Cara Mia, you may visit their facebook presence here.

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