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Dining | Smile Like a Kid with Kumori - SM Makati

This writer was all over their products like a kid. A new deli (Kumori) we saw at the SM Makati basement brought smiles on our faces with these cute designs.  These kawaii pastries caught our eye when we passedby and my son told me that they have bought these before.

I thought, hey I wasn't able to taste these things when they did.  So it was just high time that I try these things out.  As per my son, their bestseller and their favorite here was the classic pudding.  They were selling it at Php79 each and they are in cups.

The cups were cute and with cute spoons.  Everythings kawaii they said LOL.

Tastewise the classic pudding has a tinge of leche flan in them.  I think they are leche flans but its not the one that you grew up knowing.  Its like the ones we tasted abroad,  called custard pudding.  So its finer, more consistent in flavor and taste, and doesn't taste too much sweet in them.  Our local version is so sweet and flavors vary from light to heavy taste in them.  For our taste, this thing passed by my not so sweet tooth with flying colors.  I love them classic pudding from now on.

Serving wise, if taken as a dessert, its just fine.  The cup size was adequate to one's craving and will likely bring a smile after your meal.  Like the traditional ones, you can't have enough.  You got to have more. 

Price point, for Php79 pesos, they are expensive compared to the local variety.  Usually quality dips in the latter (being sold 3 pieces for Php100).  With the classic pudding from Kumori, the price is just right.  Serving size for the quality equates that of Php79.  It may be daunting for first time buyers like me, but having confidence on my son's judgement, my purchase was a good choice actually.  I like them puddings and my kids were happy I brought these babies home.

If you happen to pass by here, you eat them there, and they do offer drinks hot and cold as well.  Nice treat for you when you go shopping in SM.  For more information about them, visit them here at their facebook page

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