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Dining | A State Dinner always at Romulo's Cafe

Carlos Romulo is a great stateman as history dictates.  He ruled the diplomatic kingdom for sometime with his wit and savviness and it is during this time that he has entertained political guests both domestic and international.  His grandchildren loved the dishes prepared during these state dinners that eventually they put up a restaurant to share these to public and at the same time reminisce the memories of their great lolo through the kitchen.

For our review herein, we got the cafe to celebrate two birthdays in my wife's side of the family.  His dad's 80th birthday and her sisters' 50th.  The siblings decided to hold it at the alabang branch of Romulo's Cafe and its locate at the ground floor of Azure Boutique Hotel.

Ambiance wise, the restaurant is lined up with old pictures of Carlos P. Romulo which is their theme.  The pictures bring you to nostalgia, the prestige of CPR in those situations.  These type of ambiance give you a royal experience of sorts when you dine here at the Romulo Cafe.

Lets talk about the food.  Our buffet was great.  We liked the kare kare and the crablets.  Our guests likewise love it as well.  I can't count the number of times the server had to make refills for these dishes.  Other dishes were great as well but those mentioned were the blockbuster during the party.

We had the place from 11am till 3pm and everyone had a grand time.  The place isn't that big, nor it was small to be cramped.  It was just right for a party of 70 (I guess we were 70 then).  Our guests were impressed with the food and place.  Definitely the celebrants had a great time as well and who wouldn't be?  Guests having a great time means the celebrants did too.  Just the see the smile on the patriarch of the family and to my wife's sister.

If you are planning to have a party, we suggest Romulo's Cafe.  Food great with service that's equal to it, you will surely have a dinner or party similar to a state dinner.  For more information or book them for an event, you may contact them here.