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Dining | Its Big at the Big 1

For some time now, we are preparing for the Big One they say.  I was not prepared for this kind of the Big One.  Its the newest fruit drink concoction you can find at the hippest watering hole in Pasay City - the Seascape Village near Sofitel Hotel.

During our food crawl, we were treated to one drink from the Big 1.  They have lots of fruit drinks available and we tried out the wintermelon frenzy.  During this event, it was kinda hot and gulping down a cool drink really did hit that spot.  Thanks to the Big 1 for cooling us off.

Their drinks are priced from Php80-Php100 and with big cups, surely this will hit quite nicely with your wallet.  Taste wise it was sweet and refreshing.  A great way to beat the summer heat I might add.

They are located at the ground floor of Seascape Village left side if you entering the main entrance of the mall.