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Dining | Sushi at the Market Street, Are They Any Good?

Another quick way to prepare a snack or meal is to dropby at the Market Market by ShoeMart (SM).  For our adventure today we found a pre-packed sushi and california maki in a bilao.

We counted 16 california maki (our favorite actually), eight kani sushi, and some sushi we can't determine.  It's packed neatly and cleanly so it begged us to buy it.  Cost was Php300.

Now, with this order so big, we can't simply eat it there (but you can) so we took it home to our babies.  Our babies consists of 4 grown up kids (adults) yet we still call them as such.  For a parent, kids do not grow old.

Now serving wise, it fed my 4 babies + 2 parents (that's us) nicely.  Although this meal package was blown away in minutes.  It survived for 15 minutes and barely it did.  We should bought another one to keep up smiling.  For this meal, we were just fine.  One more would have brought us to heaven, I guess.

Pricewise, Php300 for a japanese meal (not authentic of course) is cheap by most standards.  If you would just like to have a taste of sushi, then price point is okay.  

What is great for this one is its convenience.  SM has been loved by many for making available goods that cater to its customer be them rich or poor.  Now they added convenience to their focus and its a boon to us busy people.  Its difficult to find time to prepare dishes at home and by having this in their Market Market section, this is a welcome treat.

They have other meals ready at the Market Market so better dropby and see their varied selections.  From Filipino dishes to desserts, they have it there (unless its out of stock).