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Dining | Anything Good at Gudsilog - Alphaland Southgate?

Tucked in the upper floors of Alphaland Southgate is a restaurant that offers great priced meals.  Inside a mall usually meals are more than Php100 each but for Gudsilog, it costs much less much to our surprise.

Of course we won't expect much from this so we kept our expectations low.

Now we ordered from the counter, the Longsilog (longganisa bilog, sinangag itlog) and the Tapsilog (tapa sinangag itlog).  Priced at Php72 and Php69 respectively.

Ambiance was airy as the dining area is spacious.  We visited them on a Sunday so it had less diners?  Maybe so.  With prices like these, most likely they have lots of customers on weekdays, when the adjoining tower is full of employees.

Service wise on a Sunday?  You thought they would be fast since we were the only customers then, however they were a bit slow.  There were only two people manning the store.  The cashier and the chef.  The cashier was not at the counter when we ordered so we waited a bit.  After our order, then the chef finally showed up and prepared our order.  It took a bit of time again for our order to be served.  Looks like we were the first customers on a lazy Sunday.

Finally when our order came,  taste wise, our tapa tasted like tapa, and the longganisa tasted like longganisa.  This means the meals were just right for the price.  A surprising thing with our meal was the presence of sinangag (fried rice).  For other restaurants, for prices like these, they don't offer fried rice but instead, steamed rice is served to cut costs.  So having fried rice with our meals was a great treat indeed.

Price wise, for less than Php100, is a boon for a budget conscious individual like me.  Serving wise,  the tapa and longganisa were just right for our appetite.  My daughter doesn't eat much so she had more rice and meal she can handle.  Great serving here.  If I was eating alone here, my meal will just be fine.  It will enough to tide me to my next meal.