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Dining | A Burger Sent by an Angel?

Angel's Burger is a regular fixture in Manila and when you travel the Philippines like we do, one will find them all over.  We saw them in Cagayan De Oro, Camarines Norte, Pangasinan, and Davao.  For sure they are present in other areas we went to but somehow we did not bother to check them out as they are commonly found.  

What stood out for me here is the fact they are offering a buy one take one on their burger products.  A regular hamburger costs Php28 so getting two of these is a great come on.

For our review, we had a chance to buy one as they were near my hotel in Camarines Norte.  7-Eleven was a bit far so we had no choice but to finally dig in and get to savor their famous burgers.

Now we weren't expecting much from this burger so we set up our expectations low.  Lo and behold, this thing tastes great.  It tastes like one of those big famous franchised burgers around.  Serving wise, they have small burgers thus they can offer a buy one take one deal.  Even if the size were small, At Php28, it is still cheap on the price point.  Pair these twins with soda, this will surely make your day.

What are you waiting for, why don't you go out and look for a store near you.