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Dining | How Did The Famous Restaurant Fared? - Kowloon House

Growing up in Manila means I grew up with this famous dimsum brand, Kowloon House.  I love their dimsum so much that if given the chance, I would bike to their Vito Cruz branch and buy Sharksfin Siomai.  Even when I was married, on my way to home, I would steer my car and buy some to eat during traffic.  That's how I am a fan of their dimsum.

Now the brand has expanded its menu.  Before they only had siomai and siopao, nowadays, with larger stores, they offer noodles.  I got to try this new menu item, so when I was biking through San Pedro, one branch came up and I went in of course.

Among the four noodle dishes they have I chose the Beef Wanton Mami (Php103).  Its a combination noodles topped with Beef strips and pieces of Wanton mami.

Service wise.  They only have one staff here when we visited and when I had to order, I had to wait a while since he was all the order taker, cashier, cook and server.  Talk about multi tasking.  Add more the fact that before I did order, there were two persons ahead of me.  He tried his best to do it as fast however due to the volume of orders made by the customers ahead of me, my order came in after 20 minutes or so.  On normal days I would not have waited but since I like to try out their noodles, I added patience to my order. LOL.

Serving wise.  When my order was done, I had a view of my noodles.  The bowl was small, had two pieces of wanton siomai, one thin slice of carrot, one small leaf of pechay, 3 very small pieces of beef, minimal noodles under lots of beef broth.  I never expected this dish to be so tiny for the price.  I thought I just bought the broth as this was the one most abundant of.

Taste wise.  Now lets try out this thing.  Broth was normal nothing fancy there.  I had better broths before.  The noodles were not hard not gooey soft either, just right. Finally I had something going with the noodles.  I expected more from this great brand but sadly my expectations maybe a little bit too high I guess.

Price wise.  For Php103 pesos I was hoping for a bit more.  More noodles, more beef meat, more vegetables.  With half this amount, I can have those (more noodles, more meat, more vegetables) with another chinese fastfood joint.  Taste was almost similar, if price point is to be considered, I would chose the more popular competition.

I do hope they change something here to make the Php103 an enjoyable meal altogether.  Their dimsums are not known for cheap prices but their taste and serving size compensates for the high prices.  I do hope they follow the suit with their noodles.