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Dining | Why Not a General? - Sgt Sisig Puregold San Pedro

Catchy name, small kiosk, cheap pricing, located in high foot traffic, great business?  This is the new one we had to try out.

This writer holds sisig as one of its favorite dishes.  We have tried a variety of them during our travels north and south and we can say we have see every twist and personalizations there in to our favorite sisig.

For this visit, we ordered just the basic pork sisig.  Cost is Php60 and it comes with a cup of rice.  Now lets get cracking.

Service wise.  They only have one person in the kiosk and since there were no other customer that time, my order was prepared fast.  Waiting time? 5 minutes max maybe.  It was fast.

Serving Wise.  For Php60, don't expect much.  When they served my order, I was surprised at how big my cup of rice was.  Half of my plate is full of sisig.  I ordered a black gulaman extra for Php12 and the paper cup was bigger than my expectation.  Great way of starting my meal.

Taste Wise.  Here let me go slowly.  As we said, for Php60 we were not expecting much on the taste side.  No surprise there, it did taste like the price. Cheap.  What made us cringe on the taste factor was the amount of onions in our order.  It was so much that I can't taste the pork in them.  There were only two flavors we noticed, onions and soy sauce.  I took a bite, yes, I only got two, onions and soy sauce.  I REALLY can't taste any pork in my meal.  Where was my pork?  I asked the server if she may have missed putting it in my plate, but she said, everything was in order.  What?  I hate writing negatives about food reviews but I don't want to lie either.  I told the server please inform your management about my findings and hope they fine tune the meal more.  I hope this happens.

Price wise.  Php60 is a great price and this goes well with the budget conscious, but if it should taste like onion and soy sauce only, I guess the price is already expensive.  I am paying for pork sisig and I expect to get pork at least.   If I ordered vegan sisig my review will be going the other way.  However my expectation for a pork sisig sent terribly south.

Sgt. Sisig is maybe just a right name for their business as I won't promote them to a higher position.  As I see it currently, they won't be promoted to a General anytime soon.