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Money Matters | Group Ventures To Handle Payment of Chinese Tourists

With our improving close relationship with our Chinese neighbors, the Philippines has been experiencing a steady increase of Tourist from China. To add convenience to these tourists in terms of payments, WeChatPay from China now focuses on said tourist in all manners of payment while they are in the Philippines.

Right now, WeChaPay is here in our country and there’s an ongoing orientation and training of the platform which was launched recently by some of the companies under Yupangco Group (Filremit, Yupangco Electronics Corporation, Manila Express, Zoomanity Group, Yamaha Music among others). Now launched as 58Pay with Bong De Ocampo and Robert Laurel Yupangco as partners and recently introduced to the public with the media at UnliCity, Century City Mall, Makati.

According to WeChatPay, “We focused on expanding the payments service abroad, but it has stopped short of trying to create a local version of the platform for other countries. Instead, the company has been focused on signing up merchants in many countries to accept the payment system so Chinese tourists can use the payments platform abroad and right now in the Philippines.”

According to Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, one of the partners of 58Pay, “We are looking for merchants which Chinese tourists are fond to go to , just like some outlets and duty free, some famous restaurants like Samgyupsalamat, theme parks, hotels and companies like Air Asia & Jeju Air.
In the Philippines, the expectation is to increase the Chinese tourist especially now that the Duterte administration has a good relationship with China.

To know more about it, please call 09778978877 or 219 3503 to be one of the merchants.