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Special Interest | 5 Best Practicies for Owning a Taser

A Taser is a hand held electro-muscular disruption device that is capable of incapacitating a person and causing pain through the application of an electrical current such as a Taser used by the police to temporarily incapacitate a violent or dangerous person during arrest. The immobilization and pain associated with the Taser cease as soon as it is deactivated. The Taser gun is not intended to replace a firearm but is an additional use of force option for the law enforcement.

Just having a Taser in your possession is no difference from not having one in your possession if you do not know how to use it effectively.

·         Learn about the Taser and understand how it works.
·         Stay updated about Taser.
·         Learn to use the Taser and how to use it effectively. Preferably, be trained on how to use the weapon.
·         Practice using the Taser and which part of the body to target to avoid serious or life threatening injury. Know where to aim for to get the desired results.
·         Know about the risks and benefits of using Taser. As far as possible, avoid aiming at the head and chest area to minimize life threatening risk.

A Taser and stun guns are almost similar except that a Taser can be used at a safe distance of approximately 15 feet away giving you valuable time to escape the situation and find help. It can also be used at close range like the stun guns. Tasers for self-defense are easy to use and can keep you safe and secure. Stun guns are used at close contact.

There are many types of stun gun flashlight for sale on online stores and you can easily order and have them shipped to your doorstep. Tasers and stun guns are not illegalized in many countries and before ordering them, you will have to check whether it is permitted in your country.

The best stun guns are those shaped like firearms to further scare off attackers but these are not permitted in most countries. Other designs consist of colourful range of pocket-sized Tasers or stun guns which are easy to carry around.