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Dining | Another Dimsum Worth Trying - Siomai House Puregold San Pedro

Sioami or Siumai are dimsums which we like and for this visit, we had a quick bite of Php30 Pork Shrimp Siomai.  We ate these on top of our sisig in our previous food review.  

Unlike other siomai shops, this is the most inviting (red color) and easiest to order (just one kind of siomai).  This we highly liked much.

Ordering is a breeze.  Just say one order and the girl then whips out a paper tray, then gets right on your order.  Service wise, that's fast.  

Serving size is also great.  You get 4 pieces per order and the siomai size is similar within the industry.  Not big not small, just right to the bite.  This writer being a heavy eater of dimsum, one order simply is not enough for me.  

Now their siomai tastes like what it should be, pork shrimp siomai.  It has hints of shrimp, a dash of pork, and a great overall dimsum experience.  For a price of Php30 per order, I had a great dining experience.  Minus the ambiance, which was inside the Puregold Supermarket, the dine in was just fine.

If you find one Siomai House, and have a pang to eat dimsum, then get your fix here.  For only Php30, their siomai will give you a bang for your buck.