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Dining | Not Your Neighborhood Bakery - BreadTalk Glorietta 4

When caught in a tight hungry situation, and this writer can't have a decent rice meal, a great solution is - eat breads when you see one.

At the main entrance of Glorietta 4, BreadTalk can be found not only by sight but by smell also.  Freshly baked bread coming from their back end emanates great smelling products and one will truly be enticed to see what they have to offer.

Since this was a replacement meal for me, lunch to be exact, I need to get protein and carbohydrates.  One default option is the sausage bread.  Its's simply bread with, of course, a sausage.  BreadTalk called theirs as Standard Sausage that costs Php41 each.

What does a Php41 bread look like?  Well, for a jolly eater like me, one Standard Sausage would not be enough for me, so I bought three of these yummy goodies.  I thought I would be satisfied with two and I would make the third one as my emergency stash just in case I get hungry later in the day.  I was so wrong.  All three were gone in 5 minutes.  So serving size, it was just fine with me.  Its not something to shout about, but its enough I can live the day and tell about these babies.

Tastewise, the breads were sweet and the sausage was great as far as I know.  It's not because I was hungry but truly it tasted great.  How I wish I could have bought more.  The bread went well with the sausage.  Score one point there.

Since the store was self service, my evaluation drastically is limited to the cashier's performance which was not bad.  She was fast to the draw and the queue (just a short one - I was third in line) was short and I did not wait long for my turn.  It was the customers ahead of me that took a long time to decide to finally pay for their order.   One more point for cashier.

Now pricewise, in our neighborhood, such a bread would only cost Php10.  When compared however to BreadTalk, its not winner.  The latter's Standard Sausage really is something else.  Product wise, they were consistent.  BreadTalk is consistent with great taste and that their product was on point all the way for which our neighborhood bakery would falter in quality.  My only concern is the small serving size (three were not enough to quench my appetite) other than this, I would happily gorge again on these sausage munchies.