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Dining | Stoops Revisited, Never Fails

When we went here more than a year ago, we loved the smell and taste of Bagnet thus we were drawn to this restaurant Stoops in Alphaland SouthGate Mall 

In this second visit, we still ordered the Bossing Meal Php179 still, but this time we skipped the unli rice Php10.

The ambiance still is the same, they did not make any improvements or renovations.  The menu likewise is still the same.

The Bossing Meal still carries the same Bagnet with the sidings but we noted the following though.  The steamed rice of before, was changed to fried rice.  A great upgrade indeed.  With that, sadly, the sidings were lessened.  The Bagnet likewise was lessened.  Either I had more rice now or the Bagnet was less.  Last time I was here, the Bagnet almost covered my rice. 

Even though this was the case now, the flavor was still there.  They still have that Bagnet flavor that I have clamored for in months.  Instead of travelling to Ilocos Norte to satisfy my craving, all I had to do was travel to Alphaland SouthGate Mall.  

You must try out their Bossing Meal, if you are a hearty eater like this writer, and skip on the unli rice.  I assure you, you will feel that you travelled to Ilocos Sur when you get to taste their Bagnet.