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Dining | Truly? Manila's Best Coffee - Festival Mall

In one of our meetings, we have come across that's something new.  My friend suggested that we should meet here in Manila's Best Coffee.  It's a bit daring on their part to name their cafe, Manila's Best.  Let's see if they truly deserve it.

Going up to the counter, I was surprised at the variety of menu items they offer.  Check out the large menu board overhead.  It took me a while to get accustomed to it and when I did finally look into their counter, there were not much items to order.  Our meeting was 10am so maybe their delivery hasn't arrived yet?

Now their coffee sizing is a bit odd.  Instead of naming them small, medium, large, or tall, venti and such, they called their sizing, Luz (22oz), Min (18oz) and Vis (14oz).  It's a representation of Luzon, Visaya, Mindanao, and they based the sizing on the geographical size of the islands.  Pretty neat.  Although confusing at first.

Coffee prices are cheap (next to your favorite seattle brand) so one can relax and enjoy them with ease.  Another great result of having great priced drinks (hot or cold), one can enjoy of ordering some food!!!!!  Unfortunately, some of those I ordered were not availalble so I was stuck with Kalamay Ube.

Tastewise, its basically Ube (Purple Yam) but it wasn't Kalamay as I am used to.  It was like Ube Halaya for me, in terms of texture that this, but so much much softer, just bit more it would be liquid already.  I like Ube so I can't complain much, but the texture is something new for me.  A bit difficult to eat though as this thing sticks to the upper palate of my mouth.  Does this complement the coffee I got?  Sadly it didn't.  The coffee rocks mind you.  Just have the coffee.

Serving size of the drinks are typical to a cafe.  So can't say much of it.  I can only say, it's just right.

What shouts great about the place is their ambience.  Spacious, really spacious space you can lounge about in their branch in Festival Mall.  Its located on the other side of the mall from other famous coffee places, so expect people to have not found this place just yet.  If you like meeting friends, lounge for a few hours (we stayed for 2 hours), then this branch is for you.  During our stay, there were only 4 of us inside and lots of chairs, sofas to spare and it was lunch time!!!!  So if you want a comfortable place to stay and kill some time, we strongly suggest this place.

In the end, are they the best coffee in Manila?  I'm no coffee expert, but theirs is comparable to the one's I am used to taking, but cheaper.