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Health | Curtailing The AIDS Epidemic Come 2022

In a recent press conference held in Taguig, we were presented recent studies on AIDS awareness. We learned that we Filipinos had a lesser understanding of this epidemic.  That our youth as young as 12 were being aware of sex more than AIDS.  This is alarming and what makes it more so, is the fact that prevention of it, such is the use of condoms, a very simple yet effective way is practiced when they are 18 years old.  Imagine a big gap from 12 to 18, this is very dangerous gap for our youth.

There other factors that contribute to the epidemic, not only through sexual contacts.  Infections from pregnant mothers to their unborn children, blood transfusions, career hazards, drug use among others.  Among these, the most prevalent is through sexual contacts and underlying this fact, Men having sex with Men stood out as the most alarming percentage.

To curb this current trend in the AIDS epidemic, Durex has been on a campaign to curb the rising HIV cases here in the Philippines.  Compared globally, the incidence of new transmissions has slowed down which is a direct opposite.  With this trend, the Philippines is of special interest to Durex.  The world’s leading condom brand, launched their campaign – Always Come Prepared.  This one amplifies the message of protecting one’s self from the threat of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

“Contrary to the global rate of new HIV cases, which has been decreasing by 18 percent, the Philippines sings a different tune.  There is a need to ring the alarm bells, to bring the conversation of HIV to more Filipinos, in a more understandable way,”  said Dr. Louie Ocampo, Country Director of UNAIDS in the Philippines.

That aside from using condoms, the single most efficient, available technology to reduce STDs and sexual transmission of HIV, Durex believes that through education, will create an awareness in Filipinos.  Such an event can open the eyes of our youth and practice safe sex, or by being true to our partners or simply by abstaining, the country can curtail the AIDS epidemic come 2022.