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Dining | A Cool Breeze on a Hot Afternoon - Sorbelato

After arriving at the NAIA Terminal 3 from Cebu, our group proceeded to the pick up area of our car.  It was a typical hot Manila afternoon as we arrived mid day.  You can imagine how humid that situation was, and we were outside of terminal already.  As our Grab Car had us waiting for 5 minutes or so, I saw this kiosk or a stall you may call it and they had a picture of a dirty ice cream cart.  It had Sorbelato emblazoned on it.  I got curious.

A dirty ice cream named Sorbelato?  A high end dirty ice cream?  To satisfy my curiosity I approached the guy manning the booth and simply inquired.  It wasn't dirty ice cream and yes it was a bit level up of an ice cream.  I inquired how much.  Each cup was Php35 (less than a US1).  And that there were 3 flavors that day from which I could choose from.  Oh goodie I said.

My favorite, mango was there and cheese I think was the other one I chose.  The third flavor I forgot (maybe it wasn't my favorite).  Any how, I ordered one as it was a really hot saturday and our Grab car wasn't in sight yet.  Glad I did buy one.

The cold ice cream somehow alleviated how I felt that day.  The hot feeling turned to a cool summer breeze indeed with each scoop of this ice cream.  It wasn't so sweet like the ones we know of and the flavor somehow was muted.  It wasn't as flavorful like the popular brands and I surmised their ingredients must have been organic and natural.  Artificial flavors heightens the taste buds from the commercialized ice creams found in groceries.  Theirs weren't.  I do hope my assumptions are correct as I like their ice cream.  Not that sweet and flavors were just right.

I do hope they have other branches in the metro as I would love to try them ice creams again.  Terminal 3 isn't your typical go to destination to pass some time away.

for more of them ice cream, they have a facebook page.