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Money Matters | You Need Marine Insurance

When doing business internationally, one will surely have a need for import and export transactions.  Risky if you ask a normal person since the person you have transactions with are not within your area of business much more not within legal jurisdiction of your business.  To accommodate such transactions, certain business processes designed solely to make these easier and are in place to safeguard your cash and or your goods against losses .

Herein comes insurance that has been the safety net or umbrella for businesses and covering for your goods in transit can and will be insured as required.  To cover such delivery is importance of haivng Marine Insurance.  This kind of assurance gives peace of mind to the business that his or her goods are well covered while being delivered.  

From pick up of the goods to the actual destination, your insurance will cover the same against theft, acts of god, all the usual insurance calamities that may befall on your these.  Yes when you do send cargo internationally, your logistics company will provide ample coverage on your items while these are within their care, subject to conditions.  These conditions do not necessarily cover your costs thus a need for marine self insurance.

Insurance is an added cost for a business man, and he avoids it as much as he can.  Cutting or limiting costs are important and key to the business' profitability.  Searching for an insurance thats cost effective is a factor in Marine Insurance.  Among the insurance provided for marine, only one stands out as being the cost effective of the bunch.  The Open Marine Cargo Policy.  Its an insurance policy that serves companies who do regular shipments and this policy covers an indefinite number of future individual shipments.  The insurance contract remains in force until cancelled.  

Under the Open Policy, individual successive shipments are automatically covered on or after the policy's inception date.  Open policies can provide efficiency and savings for all parties concerned.  This is so especially for the insured when it conducts a significant volume of highly similar transactions.

Now that we establish insurance as an important need, and which one is the most cost effective, then it is also vital that we choose the right company to do this job..  Such a right company can be found with Malayan Insurance.  They have bee in the industry for a long time now and has been touted as one for big insurance companies in the Philippines.  

Malayan Insurance have a number of plans from life to non-life and covers Marine Insurance as well.  They have this Open Marine Cargo Policy that is both beneficial to business not only as insurance but cost wise as well.  Thereby the assured can sleep well against losses, while keeping costs minimal for profitability concerns of management.

For more information on their Marine Insurance products, simply visit Malayan Insurance, insurance company in the Philippines at their website at