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About Town | Vision of Progress, High Quality, Affordable Healthcare in The City of Dagupan

A research study stated that the healthcare industry should focus in managing and preventing diseases as well as promoting wellness and vitality. For 30 years of service in the field of Medical Imaging Technology, HIMEX CORPORATION, the leading healthcare provider and the pioneer in Rehabilitation and Development Projects, made us felt a sense of hope that a new era of transparency is unfolding.

It’s been the corporate vision of HIMEX to uplift the growing need for nationwide healthcare coverage and to ensure that all Filipino people will have access to quality healthcare and affordable medical services.

Just recently, HIMEX inked a Joint Venture Project with  DAGUPAN DOCTORS VILLAFLOR MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (DDVMH) located at MacArthur Highway, Mayombo District, Dagupan City, Pangasinan, for the acquisition of Hitachi MRI Echelon Superconductive 1.5 Tesla.  Now, all Dagupeňos and Pangasinense as well as the patients who are living in Northern Luzon don’t have to travel to Manila to get a first-class diagnostic medical treatment. 

Hitachi MRI has the following features:
  1.5 superconducting system for a fast scanning
  Great comfort and reduced anxiety
  A wide range sequences, covering all clinical MR imaging challenges
  High-quality, whole body imaging applications
  Softsound technology for silent gradients
  Fully motorized patient table

Services useful for:
  Brain                                  Whole spine
  C-Spine                               Shoulder
  L-spine                               Knee

  Abdomen                            Ankle

In an interview, Rema said, ,”What is set to happen in the coming years will be for the service of the people and the cornerstone of the development is the very solid partnership between HIMEX and Dagupan Doctors Villaflor Memorial Hospital, which both are geared in delivering better healthcare to meet the needs of the most vulnerable patients of Dagupan while also providing much-needed modern health facilities and services to people with vital and special needs.”

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