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Sports | Athletes Unleashed at the Spartan Race in Subic

Spartan Race preparation has been made prior the race date September 15, 2018. The obstacles were all set, and the venue is all ready for the spartan racers. Plan B was set by Spartan Race Philippines for the day before the race as a back-up plan in case Super Typhoon Ompong unleashes its power on the 1st race date.  

Early morning of September 15, 2018, around 200 spartan racers arrived at the race starting point for registration. But due to the bad weather condition, Spartan Race Philippines organizers decided to postpone the race for the next day and it was then arranged as a whole day event.

Carbo Loading Dinner event was accommodated by Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel as a way to help racers prep up for the race. It was done on the night of September 14 and 15.

September 16, 2018 (Sunday)

Ocean Adventure’s Adventure Trails is the forest area tagged by Spartan Race Ph as Ilanin Forest West which is under the property of SBMEI. Adventure Trails is the primary event venue for the obstacle course race of Spartan Race Ph. The race venue headquarters is so-called Adventure Center, formerly the Bunker Bob’s. This is a former authentic Italian restaurant inside a reserved forest area, and is now intended to be the center of guest information for SBMEI’s brands.

The area is well reserved and maintained by the company (SBMEI) in coordination with the SBMA Ecology. The area is manned and monitored by the Forest Conservation Unit and the Waste Management Unit of Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium, Inc. together with the Spartan Race Ph Volunteers to maintain cleanliness before, during and after the race.

Spartan Race Philippines started their registration at around 5:30 AM. Participants of the race from Beast category, Super and Sprint had a total of around 3,578 registrants.
Note: Heat Schedule will be sent in a separate file. (Hours and category)

The racers were welcomed by Michael William Reyes, the Race Director of the Spartan Race Philippines. Mike gave instructions, safety precautions and all they need to know before they start their race. Starting race category was the Beast Elite which started at 7:00 AM.

The weather is permitting the whole day during the race proper. Main sponsor booths and food stalls which were catered by Ocean Adventure’s Ilanin Bay CafĂ© and Camayan Beach Resort’s The Reef were stationed at the Adventure Center. The previous area with tents for food stalls were then allotted for the spectators.

Celebrities and known personalities are spotted during the race, i.e. Daniel Matsunaga, Rodjun Cruz, Manuel Chua, Rovilson Fernandez, Will Devaughn, Hideo Muraoka, etc. The Chairperson and Administrator of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, Atty. Wilma T. Eisma also participated in the event and is a proud finisher of the Sprint category.

The event concluded with an after party at Camayan Beach Resort & Hotel at The Reef restaurant.

Adventure Beach Waterpark, Ocean Adventure and Camayan Beach Resort is the official venue partner of the race.

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