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Dining | Chinese Food Since 1930 - Masuki at SM Megamall

Masuki prides itself with being open since 1930.  So when this writer saw this in the menu board, we were intrigued how this restaurant could still be open until now.

Going in, we noticed they have a long dining area for which they can surely accommodate a lot of diners.  A good sign of the number the people who I assumed flock to this place during meal times.

Upon checking their menu, I can only find dimsum and their mami to be present.  So since I craved for the mami I tasted in Baguio last year, I decided to get one from here.  Hoping to get the same feeling since this is more authentic chinese type of mami.

For this review, we ordered the original mami for which they said was their best seller since 1930.  Costing Php150 for the special, I chose this as the server said its recommended for hungry diners like me.

Service wise, they are quite slow to serve my order.  When I came in, I was the lone diner and yet everything went slow.  After I ordered some diners came in.  Most of them ordered dimsum thus they were served first.  I guess I should have tried their dimsum and not their mami (that maybe took longer to prepare).

Serving wise, the bowl was just regular in size.  Lots of broth, less of the mami noodles and beef, I surmised, what accounted for the lesser quantity would be the addition of its wonderful and blissful flavors.

Taste wise, sadly it didn't have the oomph I was expecting for.  My bad, I had high expectations again.  As they say, high expectations if not met would garner bigger disappointments.  In this case I was disappointed.  The taste was just fine I guess for a mami.  I still have that taste I had in Baguio City and I love that mami.  Can't help to compare it at first.  First take of their mami was just fine.  I hope the second and succeeding morsels of this mami would grow on me.  I tried my best to move on and try their dish on their own merits.  Sadly, it didn't went past mediocrity.  I am no mami expert, but as an average diner, who have tasted binondo mami, mother made mami, I know what I like in a mami.  Theirs did not give the kick I expected.

Price wise, Php150 was not a good price point for my experience.  I just thought of the ambiance and that they are located at the SM Megamall (I guess high rentals).   The mami they served may have been their staple since 1930, but I'm not a nostalgic person, tastes change and I do hope they do something with it before I come back to check on their food again.