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Dining | Bagnet and Eggs - Pacita

To keep myself fit and bike ready always, this writer goes on short trips (50kms or less).  On this occasion, we decided to visit a biker friend in Pacita.  This is where we found this next restaurant in our review.

Bagnet and Eggs is of course about Bagnet (deep fried pork belly) and eggs (sunny side up unless you specify its scrambled).  Easy to find, this store is located along the main road of Pacita Avenue.  With a big sign overlooking the street, you won't miss this place.

When we visited this place it was a dull mid afternoon already and no diners were present.  So when we ordered, immediately our order were prepared.  Within five minutes, lunch was served.  We got the Bagnet Silog Special for Php100.  The difference they say is the serving of the bagnet.  The special had way more of its serving.

Serving wise, I should not have gotten the special.  The bagnet was quite huge in serving.  This writer is maintaining a controlled diet and I admit I was stuffed after eating.  The fried or colored rice was also huge.  Usually other restos offer a small cup of rice, but herein, they used a cup from BFG.  So for the price, with the huge serving, you surely will have a hearty meal.

Tastewise, bagnet is of course bagnet.  greasy, and along with the some fats, it tasted great.  Skin was crispy yet the meat was tender and juicy.  The rice was tasty as well although I forgot to ask if it was fried or not.  It didn't taste like fried so I guess they made some magic on them as they don't feel like steamed rice. The eggs were not burnt, and it wasn't overcooked.  The egg yolk still was fluid and not hardened, which I highly liked.

Now price wise, for Php100, its not your typical silog meal.  Hey, its bagnet and not your usual lechon kawali (although they are similar).  With the colored rice and egg.  I still consider this meal as okay considering you are getting more than what you pay for.  Great open air ambiance, fast service, nice and courteous staff, huge servings of rice and bagnet, what else would you ask for?