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Dining | My Love for Mango Found Here at Mango Six Coffee and Dessert

For a price of one famous brand coffee you get something healthy (I hope).  I got a mango smoothie, wherelse? in Cebu.  I was there as an invite and Cebu is known also for their mangoes.  Sweet and flavorful, I won't let Cebu pass without checking out their mangoes.

For our trip in Cebu, we tried Mango Six Coffee and Dessert for our fill of Cebu Mangoes.  They are open 24 hours in Lahug City and its just a short walk from my stay in Joyful Islands Hostel.

Now we tried the Mango Banana Shake for Php185.

As for service, they make each one per order so our shake took some time.  I was given again one of those electronic thingies that call your attention when your number is called.  Waiting time was around 15 minutes.  I dunno why it took some time since there were not much people in that branch.  Never the less, I was not in a hurry as I was killing time for my next appointment.

Dining area was spacious but like cafes, most chairs and tables are occupied by students (studying I hope).  One guy I noticed was on mobile games, maybe be he was on study break.

They have free WIFI and they have lots of routers that you can hook up to.  Sadly, I tried hooking up with these and I had a hard time doing so.  There were some successful connections but the internet speed was so slow I ended up choosing to use my mobile data instead.  There were some students also in the diner and I see them working on their group assignments (I hope).  Maybe they are eating the bandwidth I guess.  No big issue, my globe data is surprisingly fast in the area so I had no complaints.

Order size for my drink was standard for a large cup and it wasn't filled with unnecessary ice.  Glad that the mango was more than the banana.  The fruits were not blended together so you can see their separation in the cup.  You are the one to mix them up first before slurping so you get both in the straw at the same time.  Serving size was fine for this writer.

Taste wise?  Since I didn't see how the mango was prepared, I don't know if I had the real fruit blended prior (extract?).  All I know is that the banana was blended.  The mango tasted funny or maybe it just had a lot of sugar added in them.  Banana was fine for my taste.  Blending them together then slurping is good suggestion.  The mix of the two fruits were nice although the banana (I think senorita) would have been better if the lakatan variety was used.  The ice was mixed with the mango thus I had a hard time knowing if the mango were blended or merely extracts.  Overall, taste of the two fruits were okay.

Pricewise, having this for Php185 is a midpoint for me.  Cupsize was fine for the price but I somehow like to have more of the mango taste in my drink.  Considering the long time I had to wait for it my expectation went higher every passing minute hoping the drink would blow me away in the taste region.  

Would I try this drink again?  I might if I see them again.  But is it enough to compel me to try them again? If there were other brands in the area, that would be a hard sell.

***** we went here prior to halloween and we love their costumes.