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Dining | The New Secret Menu of McDonalds

After loving the Surf and Turf from the secret menu of McDonald's then comes the new menu.  I was sad that my favorite was not in the new offering.  So what do they have now?

First they have the Double Big Mac.  My favorite from the regular menu, how do you improve on the double patty with the sesame seed bun?  Double the patties still.  They offer 4 patties in one burger.  Price has gone up to Php245 for a small meal.

Up next is their Beef Chicken Beef of BCB.  A great tasting chicken fillet with two patties of beef along with their tangy sauce (used in Burger Mcdo).  Sounds inviting and might try one next time around.

Double McChicken Sandwich.  Double the fun double the Chicken Patty, comes in at a price starting with Php179.

The quarter pounder is a heavy weight in terms of McDonalds burgers.  Imagine your surprise when they double the patties creating a humongous  burger.  We will try this one next time for sure.  Although pricey at Php245, we hope that the reality is equal to our expectations.

From their old menu, only this one was left standing.  The Triple Cheeseburger.  Starts at Php179, I think its still the same price as before.  Offering the same triple patties combination, this burger tastes the same.

Serving time was slow during our visit as we waited for 5 minutes for this burger to be prepared.  Since its from the secret menu, it comes out not from the regular process, thus a bit of time to be done.  Taste wise the same as their regular cheeseburger, except that you triple its taste in terms of added burger patties and cheese.  Price wise is still within our budget but what we didn't like was how sloppy the preparation was.  The patties somehow got thinner maybe as the burger got squished and came out thin in my hands.  I won't be ordering this burger anymore.

I miss my old surf and turf.