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Dining | Road Side Treat at Food Trip. Com

Along the National Highway in San Pedro, Laguna, there lurks a restaurant called Food Trip.  Its not something that shouts eat here but its covered by a number of jeepneys and buses.  It was by pure luck that we found this place at all.   I have been passing this place during my bike runs and still I have missed them.  It was night time on my way back that I found them.

The place is airy and spacious.  Quiet as in there's no ambient music to announce their place.  Even the staff were sitting down making the place deserted.  I thought there was no service since it was "deserted".  Only when I approached the counter when heads popped up.  Oh I can order, I said to myself.

This place offers silog (fried rice and egg) meals, and we ordered the Tocilog.  Its tocino fried rice and fried egg meal combination.  

Since there was no other diner there, my order was served fast.  Kudos to the staff for preparing my food piping hot right away.  Serving size was okay.  The rice was almost two cups by most restaurant standards.  The tocino was served just right, not too many, not that less.  The egg? just one egg is fine to go with this meal.

Taste wise.  It tasted like a tocino, surprisingly.  For the place and the price point, their tocino tasted nice.  The fried rice was, well, fried rice. Nothing fancy, just simply done and works well with the tocino and the egg.

Price wise?  It costs only Php65 if my memory serves me right.  It's right within my price alley and I can't complain on it.  For a place very accessible, which is along the national highway, with a right serving size, tastes equal to its worth.  A great place to make a stop over when you are in the area.