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Travel | Trip To Cebu Made Easy and Affordable

When one travels to another place, usually first things come to mind is what to do once you reach your destination.  If you are a solo traveller like me, first thing to consider is how to reach my hotel from the airport.

If you don't have a friend to pick you up, or your hotel doesn't have a shuttle, what do you do?  Usually taxi is the last resort you take.  It can be costly but do you have a choice?  Luckily, for travelers to Mactan International Airport in Cebu, we do have a cheaper choice.  They have the "Mybus".  This bus terminal is located on the right side once you get out of the domestic terminal, the same area where you take a public taxi.  Ask the security guard for directions, but its simple to find.

I was told that this shuttle starts off from the airport all the way to SM City Cebu which is at the heart of Cebu City itself.  Costing only Php40, its a cheaper alternative.  Its almost similar to a P2P (point to point) buses in Manila yet this one has multiple drop off points along its route.  Nothing to complain here as the bus passes through an alternative route that still provides a fast travel within the city.

My hotel is still a bit far from SM City Cebu but its now nearer.  Saving me some money in the process.  I can't imagine how much my meter would cost me if I took the airport taxi to my hotel in Lahug.  To add more to my savings, instead of riding a cab from SM City Cebu, I took a PU or Public Utility.  I have to immediately hone up by visayan dialect as I forgot how to ride a PU. Dear me.

Travel cost from airport to my hotel was Php49.  Travel time one hour and a half.  Taxi would probably have costed me an arm and a leg from the airport.  The same goes if you are going to the airport.  Simply take the same bus from SM City Cebu, which they have a terminal and it still cost Php40.

So if you are going to Cebu.  Take the bus, its not that full and travel is light and fun and don't forget also affords a scenic view of the city.  Bus comes in and leaves every 15 minutes, so they wait for the bus to get full prior to departing.  There's space for your luggage in the middle so don't worry much about this.  

Thanks Cebu for Mybus and hope to see you again soon.